County Sheriff

Matthew Bradley - Sheriff
1005 Avenue F NE
Childress, Texas 79201
Telephone: (940) 937-2535
Fax: (940) 937-2395

Appointed - November 2022
Term Ends - December 31, 2024

Roy Rodriguez  - Chief Deputy

Kari Bailey - Secretary to Sheriff
In an emergency, dial 911 from anywhere in the County.

For non-emergency calls, dial (940) 937-2535. The fax number for the Sheriff's Office is (940) 937-2395. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

Visit to check the custody status of your Offender.

Visit for information on missing Texas children.

VINE- Victim Information and Notification Everyday 

“SAVNS” is an acronym for Statewide Automated Victim Notification Service and is a statewide service that is funded through a legislative appropriation to the Office of the Attorney General. “VINE” is an acronym for Victim Information and Notification Everyday. SAVNS/VINE is a telephone service that allows victims to learn about the custody status and court proceedings involving an offender after booking into a county jail. Victims obtain free telephone and email notifications by registering through a toll-free number or the internet. The service is open to the general public and requires only that an individual provide an inmate’s full name or jail-assigned identification number to receive notifications. The toll-free VINE registration number is 877-TX4-VINE (877-894-8463). The web address to register via the internet is VINELink can also be accessed through the Sheriff Office’s web site at Information regarding the SAVNS/VINE service is also available via links on the Sheriff’s Office web site.

Childress County’s participation in SVINE is made possible through a grant from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), which funds the program statewide. The county contracts separately with the Office of the Attorney General and the program developer, Appriss, Inc. of Louisville, Ky., to implement maintain the program.

Sheriff Fees 

  Writ of Attachment.....$XX.00
  Writ of Garnishment.....$XX.00
  Writ of Sequestration.....$XX.00
  Order of Sale.....$XX.00
  Writ of Restitution.....$XX.00
  Writ of Execution.....$XX.00
  Small Claims Eviction Citation.....$XX.00
  Justice Court Citation.....$XX.00
  Forcible Detainer included in Eviction Citation
  All Other Courts' Citations.....$XX.00
  Writ of Possession.....$XX.00
  Citation by Posting (each location).....$XX.00

Other Service Fees:
 All Writs not listed.....$XX.00
 Plus after two hours per deputy.....$XX.00/hour
 Commission on executions & Orders of Sale:
 All sums $0 to $5,000.00 - XX%
 All sums over $5,000.00 - X%
 Commission Without Sale:
 Half of the above rates shall be allowed
 Sheriff's Deeds.....$XXX.00
 Warrant Service.....$XX.00
 Accident/Offense Reports.....$X.00 first page
 Each Additional page.....$X.00
 Data/Media Fee.....$XX.00 per disc
 Research Fee per person.....$XX.00/hour
 Verification Letters.....$XX.00