County Judge

Judge Kim Jones

100 Avenue East NW, Suite #100                                                                                        Phone: 940-937-2221
Courthouse Box 1                                                                                                                 Fax: 940-937-0166
Childress, Texas 79201

The County Judge is the most visible official in county government.  Often thought of as the county's chief executive officer, the Texas Constitution vests broad judicial and administrative powers in the County Judge, including serving as the presiding officer of the county's policy-making body, the Commissioner's Court, which is responsible for budgetary matters and administrative duties for Childress County.

General County Administration as provided by law, including:

  • Director of Emergency Management
  • Prepare County budget for approval by the County Commissioners
  • Preside over Commissioners Court
  • Conducts juvenile hearings
  • Serves on Juvenile Board, PRPC Board of Directors, PREMAC, and others
  • Responsibilities associated with holding elections
  • Give notice of public hearings
The County Judge also handles widely varying judicial matters such as conducting hearings for probating the estate of a deceased person, establishing guardianship for incapacitated persons and minors, and presiding over commitments to mental hospitals.  The County Judge is also responsible for emergency management, calling elections, and representing Childress County in many administrative functions.

Court Administrator- Lacie Jones

Sworn in: January 1, 2023
Term Ends: December 31, 2026